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Black Thread for Eye Infection

I woke up with an itchy, red and sore eye this morning. The right eye was perfectly fine but the left one was even hard to open. Not sure what sort of virus, bacteria or whatever caused that but it was not looking pretty at all and was hurting a lot. The lower eyelid was inflammatory as there was some kind of nasty pimply appeared. As usual like any other problem, I rushed to my mother for solution. Mother saw the eye and called for maid. I expected her to ask for medicine box but instead she asked for black thread from her. Perplexed, I waited. My mother took a small piece of black thread and tied my right foot thumb with that thread. I was shocked at this and couldn’t believe that my mom would have joked at this time.

But she looked fairly serious and was showing concern for my eye. She assured me that now my eye will get better within 24 hours. She brushed aside my requests for seeing eye specialist or at least going to medical store to buy some eye drops. Mind you, my mother is not some rural lady with no or little education. She has seen the world and very highly educated and appreciates medical science. But to my amazement she believes in such ‘totkas’. Not surprisingly, our maid also concurred with this ‘treatment’ and she said that it was best cure for the ‘goo tariki’, whatever that means. The real shocker came just minutes ago, when my eye really turned normal without any medicine. Now I don’t know how it happened. Whether it was coincidence or just my good luck or it was bound to take this much time. I still find it hard to believe that a black thread could do it. No way.


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